Writer-in-residence Dr. John Asfour co-edits poems and prose from the Downtown Eastside

Click here to view Dr. John Asfour's co-edited book of poems and prose from the Carnegie Centre. On page 32, you'll find a link to a YouTube video of Asfour reading at the June 2009 launch. On May 9, 2009, Dr. John Asfour enjoyed an intense and rewarding collaboration with the Thursdays writing classes at the Carnegie Community Centre in Vancouver. Led by Elee Kraljii Gardiner of Simon Fraser University’s Writers’ Studio, these writing classes turn a third-floor classroom in a building at Hastings and Main into a playground where writers from the Downtown Eastside give voice to issues that range from class struggle to child abuse to mental instability and addiction. Several authors commented that their time in the classroom with Dr. Asfour “unleashed a beast in me,” “jumpstarted my creativity,” “made something click after writing on my own for 20 years on the streets.” The Thursday writing classes have had close to 50 participants since they began in September 2008. They offer writing support via workshops, editing consults and discussion to writers of the Downtown Eastside. For information please contact the Carnegie Centre at 604-665-2220 or email Elee Kraljii Gardiner at thursdayseditor(a)telus.net.