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Historic Joy Kogawa House is the childhood home of Canadian author Joy Kogawa. Joy and her family lived in the house until 1942, when they were sent to an internment camp along with thousands of other Canadians of Japanese descent. Now used as a site for author residencies and literary events, the house stands as a historical reminder of the internment experience of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, and by extension, to the experiences of diverse cultural and ethnic groups within Canadian society.

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Giving Tuesday

Early in 2019, the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society plans to undertake a conservation project to restore the sunroom and living room at Historic Joy Kogawa House. We have $75,000 in funding from the BC Museums Association in the form of a BC | Canada 150 project...

The White Angel with John MacLachlan Gray

How the 1924 death of a Scottish nanny and charges against her co-worker, Wong Foon Sing, exposed attitudes toward race, class, and gender dominant in 1920s Vancouver “It takes a distinct talent to turn factual murder into fiction and playwright (Billy Bishop Goes to...

Deeper and Higher

Exploring Identity and Transcendence with C. E. Gatchalian Creating literary works about identity - whether it be racial, cultural, sexual, gender, ability, etc. or any combination of the above - can be challenging. Is one writing for a general audience, or a...

About the House

Historic Joy Kogawa House is the childhood home of acclaimed Canadian author Joy Kogawa.


Historic Joy Kogawa House offers writers a unique place to live and work. Find out more and submit and application here.

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About Joy Kogawa

Joy Kogawa is best known as the author of Obasan. She has also worked to educate the public about the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.


Come and visit a site of national significance. We run tours of Historic Joy Kogawa House year-round for school groups and the general public.

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