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Historic Joy Kogawa House is the childhood home of Canadian author Joy Kogawa. Joy and her family lived in the house until 1942, when they were sent to an internment camp along with thousands of other Canadians of Japanese descent. Now used as a site for author residencies and literary events, the house stands as a historical reminder of the internment experience of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, and by extension, to the experiences of diverse cultural and ethnic groups within Canadian society.

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Pitching Your Book

Pitching Your Book

How do you write a pitch letter that stands out? What should you emphasize? How do publishers make their decisions? Longtime publisher and editor-in-chief Michael Mirolla gives practical tips on how to present your work in the best light when pitching to publishers. Participants are encouraged to bring a pitch letter that they have written (work-in-progress welcome) to the workshop, where they will receive feedback.
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Battling Entropy

Battling Entropy

I don’t think too many authors get to say this: My first evening as writer-in-residence at the Historic Joy Kogawa House was spent handing out treats to Star Wars characters, angels and demons, princesses and overlords—and the odd caterpillar or two. The perfect match...

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About the House

Historic Joy Kogawa House is the childhood home of acclaimed Canadian author Joy Kogawa.


Historic Joy Kogawa House offers writers a unique place to live and work. Find out more and submit and application here.

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About Joy Kogawa

Joy Kogawa is best known as the author of Obasan. She has also worked to educate the public about the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.


Come and visit a site of national significance. We run tours of Historic Joy Kogawa House year-round for school groups and the general public.

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