Everything Marpole: A Tour of Marpole’s Cultural and Heritage Sites

Saturday, July 6, is Canada Historic Places Day. Here’s the itinerary for our Historic Places Day walking tour:

  • 10:30: Meet at Historic Joy Kogawa House (1450 West 64th Avenue Vancouver.)  Ann-Marie Metten will provide a history of the House
  • 11:00:  Walk down Granville, past the Richard Marpole Library Branch and public art installations to the Marpole Museum (8743 Marine Drive SW, Vancouver) Receive a visit voucher. Look in on the Arbutus Greenway and receive a gift bag promoting enjoyment of the Greenway.
  • 12:00: Walk across to Marpole Park to visit the Musqueam Heritage site,  the Marpole Midden and learn about its history.
  • 1pm: Walk up to West 70th Avenue and stop for a brief visit at the newly opened Marpole Neighbourhood House (8585 Hudson Street at W70th)
  • 1:30pm: Take the bus at West 70th and Hudson to the Marine Drive Canada Line Loop (return bus tickets provided)
  • 2pm: arrive at the new premises of the Marpole Oakridge Family Place (8188 Lord Street) and enjoy a free lunch

Registration essential for catering purposes. Email info@kogawahouse.com.

Co-hosted with Andrea Krombein, Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Marpole


Selfie Contest

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