Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho

Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho

Writer-in-residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House during the second week of December, 2023.

Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho (she/her) is the award-winning author of short stories and personal essays. Her work has been published in literary journals River Teeth, ROOM, PRISM international, Ricepaper, WordWorks, and anthologies Better Next Year and Chrysanthemum: Voices of the Taiwanese Diaspora.

Her first book-length manuscript The Feral Children of Dunbar Street explores the complexities of growing up in a transnationally separated “astronaut” family, where the parents and children live overseas from each other. The manuscript was First Runner Up for the 2021 Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers Award.

Active in her literary community, Wiley serves on the boards of the Federation of BC Writers and the North Shore Writers’ Association, and volunteers with the LiterAsian Festival, Vancouver Writers Festival, and Word Vancouver.

Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho worked on revisions to her book project about an “astronaut” family, transnationally split between Canada and Taiwan, while in residence at Joy Kogawa House from December 8 to 15, 2023. She worked on retreat and was not required to present a community-engaged writing program, literary event, writing workshop, or masterclass. However, Wiley engaged with the local writers who participate in the following weekly program:

(1) Tuesday Drop-In Writing Group

In addition, in exchange for free use of Historic Joy Kogawa House, Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho participated in our weekly Tuesday writing group and endeavoured to join on the Tuesday evening during their stay at the house. The Tuesday Writing Group follows the Pomodoro writing method, where we write independently for 55 minutes and then chat socially for 10 minutes, possibly about what we are writing. There is no requirement to read from work created during the shared writing time. All meetups are hosted both in-person at Historic Joy Kogawa House and on Zoom.

Held Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 6:00 to 8:00pm, in the living room at Joy Kogawa House and on Zoom.

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