Victor Yipp

Victor Yipp

In residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House in January 2023

Victor Yipp is an emerging writer who completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in 2007 after many years working as a computer programmer, systems analyst, data centre manager, and consultant. During his programming career, he wrote computer programs to simulate the flight of guided missiles, including the Apollo flights. In between IT positions, he took a break to go to law school. After graduation and passing the bar, he worked in civil rights law for a few years and served as an Illinois assistant attorney general. Now he combines these interests writing young adult novels that explore social justice issues, including historic and contemporary anti-Asian racism.

Victor Yipp was writing at Historic Joy Kogawa House in January 2023 and, as a community contribution during the period, presented one public program to engage local writers, artists, and public audiences:

Respond in Empowering Ways: Preventing bullying or harassment

An educational seminar on bystander awareness and intervention when witnessing bullying or harassment. Personal stories and audience participation were encouraged. The event was held in person at Historic Joy Kogawa House on Sunday, January 29, 2023.