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Historical images of the house and of Joy.

Cloth book – Naomi’s Tree

A cloth book of Joy Kogawa’s work Naomi’s Tree was created by a Japanese craft group called Nuno Ehon and donated to Kogawa House. It took eight months and incredible skill to make.

Read the story of making the cloth book...

This book was created by a Japanese craft group called Nuno Ehon in a suburb of Fukuoka known as Sue-town.


This group has been making Japanese children’s books for many years with amazing skill. They visit kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools to read the stories and show their work. In 2013, the group went to Tokyo to receive an award from the Japanese government for their accomplishments.

The Canada-Japan Friendship Association donated several of their works to the Vancouver Public Library years ago. At that time, Mrs. Tamako Copithorne helped them to make this donation. A few years later, Mrs. Copithorne presented Haruyo Handa and the leader of Nuno Ehon a copy of Joy Kogawa’s book Naomi’s Tree.

The group was very moved by the story, and in the spring of 2014, the group decided to create Naomi’s Tree with cloth. The project required a great deal of skill to keep the colours and illustrations as close as possible to the original book. The book was completed in February, 2015. It took a total of 8 months.

The completed work was donated to Historic Joy Kogawa House so that visitors could see, touch, and enjoy it.