Liz Marshall

Liz Marshall

Writer-in-residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House in October and November 2020

Liz Marshall is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker. Since the 1990s she has written, produced, directed, and filmed diverse international and socially conscious documentaries. Her work has been released theatrically, been broadcast globally, made available digitally, and has screened for hundreds of grassroots communities around the globe.

Marshall’s visionary feature-length films explore social justice and environmental themes through strong characters. The impact of Liz’s critically acclaimed documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine (2013) is reflected in an extensive global evaluation report funded by the Doc Society.

Marshall’s current feature documentary Meat The Future (2020), chronicles the birth of the “clean” “cultured” “cell-based” meat industry in America through the eyes of pioneer Dr. Uma Valeti.

Previous titles include Midian Farm (2018), Water On The Table (2010), the HIV/AIDS trilogy for the Stephen Lewis Foundation (2007), the War Child Canada / MuchMusic special Musicians in the Warzone (2001), and the 1995 music documentary archive of folk-icon Ani DiFranco.

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Liz Marshall was writer-in-residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House in October and November 2020.

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