Isabela Mori

Isabela Mori

Writer-in-residence at in residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House in March and April 2021

Isabella Mori
likes bullets but not pronouns. So, Isabella –

  • writes nonfiction, novels, short stories, and poetry
  • has published two books of and about poetry, including A bagful of haiku – 87 imperfections and isabella mori’s teatable book
  • is the founder of Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize, which celebrates loud, edgy, socially engaged poetry
  • is a regular contributor to and occasional editor of Family Connections, a newsletter for people touched by mental health and addiction challenges
  • has blogged a lot – more than 1,000 posts, mostly on the currently dormant blog
  • likes to try her hand at translation, including contributing to Reading Canada, a profile of Canada’s diverse literature commissioned for the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair
  • is an alumna of Simon Fraser University’s The Writers Studio
  • lives in Richmond, BC
  • works in psychiatry
  • grew up in Germany in a chaotic artists’ household, and has lived in the UK, Paraguay, Chile, and “back to the land” in Ontario

Isabella’s publications include the 2019 anthology The Group of Seven Reimagined, an anthology that sets short stories (in her case, a haibun) to Group of Seven paintings, and the haiku journal Kingfisher.

Isabella tweets at: @moritherapy.

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