Join us at Historic Joy Kogawa House for this series of weekly writing meet-ups!

This event takes place on the traditional unceded traditional territores of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

When: Wednesdays, 6 to 8pm.

Coffee, tea, and wifi provided; BYO writing snacks to share! To be notified about week-to-week status of Shut Up and Write sessions, drop a note to

The drill

We gather at Historic Joy Kogawa House with our laptops and/or notebooks and pens. We each have something we need to write, whether that be a blog post, a funding proposal, an essay, part of a novel or a script or a dissertation, etc. We write for 25 mins at a time (the Pomodoro Technique), with social breaks in between.

Originating in San Francisco, Shut Up and Write meet ups place the typically solitary activity of writing into a more social space.

Who we are

Hey there 🙂 We’re writers who continue these drop-ins as a legacy of Tom Cho and Jackie Wykes, two writers from Melbourne, Australia, who were new arrivals to Canada in 2016. They kicked off their new life in Canada with a writers’ residency at Historic Joy Kogawa House and then moved on to Toronto. We continue their vision of sharing their residency with others via weekly writing sessions.

Stairs at Kogawa House


  • This event is open to people of all writing backgrounds and abilities. We welcome queers, transfolk, two-spirit people, bisexuals, lesbians, gay folks, people of colour, rad fatties, excellent allies, engineers and science writers, and all combinations thereof!
  • Unfortunately, the house is not wheelchair accessible. Here are some house specs for your consideration: 3 steps from sidewalk to garden path, each 107 cm in width and the steepest being 23cm in height, then a further 5 steps leading to the front door, each 121.5 cm in width and 8cm in height; front door and dining room entry: 85cm; bathroom entry: 70 cm; toilet clearance on each side: 17cm. The house was built in 1912 and future renovation plans include making the house more accessible.
  • This event occurs in a scent-reduced environment. At a minimum, please avoid wearing perfume, cologne, body spray and scented aftershave. Please also refrain from painting your nails on the day. For tips and product recommendations, see and
  • We have a range of chairs with arms and without arms.
    If you have any accessibility queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us – we’re happy to discuss via the means that best suit you (e.g., text, email, phone, in person).