What: Open House at Historic Joy Kogawa House
Where: Historic Joy Kogawa House, 1450 W 64th Ave, Vancouver
When: Sunday, April 10, from 2-5pm
Cost: Free!

About this event

The recent royal visit to Jamaica intensified a spotlight on Britain’s colonial history, renewing question of the future of the monarchy in the minds of many Canadians. How challenging, then, to recognize that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations have launched. At Historic Joy Kogawa House, we see this historic moment as an opportunity to share some of the successes from the Queen’s 70 years of service, including Japanese Canadian Redress and the Apology in Parliament on September 22, 1988, establishing the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. On top of that, cherry blossoms are brightening the boulevard trees, daffodils dot the garden, and it’s a lovely time of year to get together.

The public is welcome to join us for the many activities planned for Sunday, April 10, 2 to 5pm –

  • free tours of the heritage house
  • ceramic artists will launch an exhibition of five ceramic pieces, each based on a symbol from Joy Kogawa’s novel Obasan
  • poet Jude Neale will read from Inside the Pearl, a collection of haiku-inspired poems written about objects at Kogawa House
  • The Jubilee Singers will sing Devoted Heart – A Song for Queen Elizabeth on Her Platinum Jubilee
  • Kogawa Ukulele Players will play musical selections throughout
  • crafts for families
  • tea and cake for everyone!

This event was inspired by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and takes place at the beginning of her birthday week.

Facemasks and vaccine passports, please, so everyone stays safe.

RSVP to info@kogawahouse.com