Join us in Spanish or in English for writing workshops and a literary reading. All take place before the end of the year, as Chilean Canadian author, poet, educator, and political social activist, Carmen Rodríguez, continues her residency at Historic Joy Kogawa House.

LAR* – a Reading of Writing in Progress by Carmen Rodríguez

Thursday, November 24, 7 to 8:30pm

Carmen Rodríguez’s first published book and only volume of poetry to date (Guerra Prolongada/Protracted War) was released thirty years ago. Her second book and thus far her only short story collection (De cuerpo entero/and a body to remember with), was published twenty-five years ago. Since then, she has published two novels (Retribution and Atacama). But in between and around working on her novels, she has continued to write poetry and short stories.

During her current residency at Historic Joy Kogawa House, Carmen is developing that material towards the completion of two manuscripts, one in each genre. While the theme of the short story collection is still vague in her mind, she is beginning to organize her poetry around the theme of “home”; thus the word “lar” as the title of this event, in which you will have the opportunity to listen to Carmen read some of this work and to engage in conversation with her.

*Spanish for house, home, hearth.

UNIVERSO COTIDIANO Y POESÍA – un taller de poesía con Carmen Rodríguez

Tuesday, December 6, 7 to 8:30pm

En este taller, los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de crear poesía a partir de la exploración de un objeto/elemento universalmente conocido y presente en todos los hogares del mundo (Carmen proveerá este objeto/elemento).

La experiencia sensorial, cognitiva y emocional intrínseca a la exploración de este objeto/elemento, y las historias de vida evocadas por la interacción de los participantes con él, servirán de punto de partida para la escritura de un poema. A través de este proceso, los participantes también podrán reflexionar y dialogar sobre los componentes básicos de la buena poesía.

FROM A MAP TO A STORY – a Short Story Writing Workshop with Carmen Rodríguez

Thursday, December 8, 7 to 8:30pm

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to begin writing a short story based on their own experiences and to receive feedback from Carmen and the group. Starting with a personal map (to be drawn at the beginning of the session as per Carmen’s instructions), the participants will identify the setting and characters in their story.

As the exercise develops, they will also explore its plot, point of view, mood and theme. While it is unlikely that they will complete the story during the workshop, they will write its opening paragraph(s) and take away a concrete outline that will allow them to continue writing it on their own. 

Please join us!

Also, during each event, participants will have the opportunity to view Trasiego*, a visual art and poetry installation created by Dafne Blanco-Sarlay and Carmen Rodríguez. In its Kogawa House iteration, Trasiego interweaves Dafne’s and Carmen’s work and stories with Joy Kogawa’s.
*Spanish for uprooting and re-rooting.

Por otra parte, si no han tenido la oportunidad de acercarse a la Casa histórica Joy Kogawa con anterioridad, los participantes podrán apreciar Trasiego, una instalación de arte y poesía creada por Dafne Blanco-Sarlay y Carmen Rodríguez, la que esta vez incorpora el trabajo y las historias de Dafne y Carmen con las de Joy Kogawa.